Monday, 23 July 2012

My Kid and My Many Corsets

I find it funny that I still get messages and invitations from the various Gothic night clubs that I used to regularly haunt with my friends.  Most of my clubbing friends have trickled away over the last few years from when I became a Mum and I have found myself doing a lot of assessing and introspection.  It does amuse me some times when I think back and remember my days modeling alternative Gothic designers’ outfits on the catwalks. 

Once I would never have left the house without Gothic, Punk, Mod or Rockabilly makeup on and dressed accordingly.  These days I am lucky to have even a skerrick of foundation on.  I think the last time that I wore a corset (I think I own at least 5 or 6) would be perhaps two to three years ago.  Maybe even it was at my Wedding where I wore a leopard print corset which I had made up by an expert especially for the day.  I had two different sized red petticoats and made by myself two leopard print full circle skirts, a knee length one for the ceremony and a short one for the reception which was held at a Gothic nightclub owned by people I used to once know.

So this could sound to be very distressing and hint that I may have ‘let myself go’ but I think it has a lot to do with being comfortable within one’s own skin.  I can still dress to the max but at this point there is no reason to because I just don’t go out to those kind of places any more.  I am so content to stay at home and look after my little one.  I am comfortable knowing that I have had a wild time of it when I was supposed to, living life with a little daringdoo and now it is time for my little one to grow and take me for granted as his Mummie.  I’ve probably said this many times before but it does beg repeating, I think perhaps that this is being comfortable with aging and definitely having met my purpose.

I am not saying that all the party and daringdoo has gone from me but I am saying that for now, I want my son to feel that he is my priority.  My Husband feels the same way and that amuses me as well.  He was a Punk rocker in an outrageous band in the 1980’s but today, Pixel is his whole world.

I do intend to get back to applying basic make up though; nothing too scary just yet, except of course when it comes time for Halloween!


  1. Love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ooops blog! got to get used to this blog-thingy(ooops-what am I calling it-dahhh!)

  2. Get blogging Bohsis! I love your stories/blogs.