Thursday, 12 July 2012

Micky Cow, Wendy WhearHol and John Yeannan

Pixel has become a fan of the Velvet Underground.  Of course he is still a mad about The BeaTles, Bowie, The Buzzcops, Alice Cooper, The Vampire Lovers, and so on but he is going through his discovery phase with the Velvets and loving them. 

Early in the year, somehow, John Lennon (Yeannan) became his imaginary friend.  It would go something like this, “John is sitting in the chair.”
“ Oh is he?”
“Yeah, John Yeannan” and he would point to the chair next to him.
Then it turned into Pixel being John Lennon.  He would march up and down the corridor and then say, “John is walking.”  (walking, jumping, sitting, and so on).  I figured that given Liam Gallager had trod this path as a grown man, Pixel perhaps should have got it out of his system by adulthood. 

He also went through a Buzzcops (Buzzcocks) phase where he had to wear his leather jacket, even in the heat and have it zipped all the way up and put his hands in his pockets – just like the lead singer.  I was thankful when that phase became less intense.

Last year of course was mostly the year of Micky Cow.  This was a character that Pixel invented for David Bowie based on his lyrics.  Pixel needed to wear blue to be Micky Cow and had Bowie’s moves down pat.  He even made me do a photoshoot with my mobile phone camera as he posed for me.  He would pose, then say “Mum, take the photo” and I would. I have to say they came out pretty well too.  I have no idea where this behaviour came from and could only think he was posing for his future album cover. 

Later in the year he pushed my hair upward and called me Mummie Cow.  His Daddy said “Hang on, that’s pretty harsh.”  I had to remind him that it was a complement as it all came from Micky Cow.

His Velvet Underground phase has introduced him to Andy Warhol.  It is lovely that he accepts so many things at face value.  He calls him Wendy WhearHol as it is much easier to say.  I hope that he says that , even just once, when he is at art college!

Countless hours of pleasure kids can give, can’t they? 

One morning he was a little irritable and I said you are very grumpy today and he said to me, “I am making the grumpy.”  Awwwwww

In term 2, one of his kinder teachers thought he was hilarious one day when he fell over on the path and hurt his hand.  Rather than cry, which would be expected, he jumped up and held out his hand and yelled, “It’s ruined!”  Sometimes I think he is a crazed scientist in the making or a lead singer like his Dad, either way, he certainly has a flair for the dramatics.

A few weeks back I kissed him and my nose bumped his eye and he said accusingly, “you broke my eye.  It’s broken!”  What can I say but sigh?  I have a big nose, what can I do?

So many funny things that he says, I want to try and remember them all and write them down for prosperity.  Precious little moments that are very soon gone and lost in the charge forward to grow, grow, grow!

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