Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Little Gems in the Desert

My sister has had the great misfortune of breaking her leg.  It is a nasty break and she has been housebound for so long that she gets a little bit of cabin fever now and again.  She broke it out here, in rural Australia on her property near to mine and has not been able to get back to the city let alone go back there for work. 

It has been and still is really horrible for her but it has been quite good for Pixel and me.  We can drop by whenever we like because she can not possibly go anywhere.  Pixel is loving his wheel chair rides – they call the wheel chair Thunderbird 13.  What is a grave misfortune, has been quite the gem for us.  Pixel has been able to bond even more closely with his Auntie and of course Nanna is always there looking after his Aunt so he has her at his disposal also.

Pixel now knows all about hospital and broken legs being fixed but more importantly, he knows that his Aunt and Nanna can not escape from the house.

Always a positive in a negative or a little gem in the desert….

1 comment:

  1. love it, trapped and captive audience perfect for your Pixel. I hope your sister improves very soon.