Friday, 8 June 2012…chAnges

Never having been one for swearing, I didn’t have to modify my speech until I remembered that I have a penchant for blasphemy when my Pixel began saying very loudly “Oh my GOD!”

To cap that off, he became obsessed with rockets when he hit the two year mark.  They were on an equal par with diggers until his Daddy showed him the Thunderbirds on youtube; rockets have won out ever since. 

All going well and learning to live with a child who dropped the “Oh my God” phrase every now and again, things started to really unravel when he began to yell at churches when we would drive past.  It was along the lines of “Rocket, blast off!”  I feel somewhat liberated that I attended a Methodist College rather than a Catholic College as I am sure that by this stage I would have been feeling that horrible guilt that seems to go around.  Happily for me, I felt bemused but thought I should put things right.  Not wanting to be negative and use the dreaded negative word, no, I would say something like, “Yes tower rockets.”  I thought we would get to the word spire later in life. 

Unfortunately to a two year old, tower rockets seemed to translate to a type of rocket so this became a new phrase he would yell out at churches passing by and anything with a tower/spire for that matter.

What can you do?  I really think the innocence of children has to prevail.  They mean no harm and life is so exciting and amazing that we must look at it through their eyes so that we may live fully ourselves. 

That being said, I find it much easier to modify my blasphemy and revert to a lot of phrases such as “Gosh, darn it”! “Good gracious!” and that old chestnut, “Blast!”


  1. I should have started a blasphemy jar for you! It's so funny changing speaking habits.

  2. Yes that good old swear jar that I started for you but had to let slide because you couldn't afford to pay your debt :D