Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chip off the Old Goth (and the Old Punk of course)

Of course my Pixel is very much a part of me and our womb-time that we spent together was a private and special time for us both.  From the time he moved into my womb, I changed my lifestyle so that his environment was totally his and after 9 months (and a little bit more), I got it back.  Like a zealot, I studied the list of foods that I had to leave behind and what I was allowed to have and I strictly lived by it.  I gave up coffee, alcohol, salad from cafes, fetta goodness the list went on.  I remember my sister taking us out for lunch as a treat for my 40th birthday and all I could have from the menu was the fruit muesli.  There was an issue with utterly everything listed on the menu.  It was quite surprising to me that of all the things I missed the most, it was not alcohol or coffee, it was actually eggs Benedict!  I suffered badly from nausea and vomiting for most of the pregnancy and in the last trimester when that was meant to right itself, I suffered from reflux. I have no regrets over my pregnancy and gave it the best that I could and really treasured our womb-time.

As an ex DJ music has always been important to me.  I think Pixel was always going to love music too and I believe that he enjoyed listening to my compilation tapes in the car drive home after a long day at work filled with solicitor’s discussions of contracts.

Toward the end of my pregnancy, my husband began re-mastering songs from his old band.  I would listen to each mix and give my opinion and I believe that the little Pixel inside was absorbing what life would be on the outside with music.
Aside from sharing some of my traits, Pixel is also a very large chunk of his Father and the two are utterly devoted to each other.  Sometimes I think they have a telepathic connection as quite often, one completes the others’ thoughts and such.

My husband and I have a private lounge attached to our bedroom which we had set up as our record bar where we would lounge together and play records and drink cocktails.  This lasted until Pixel could climb the stairs up to our room.  It didn’t take long for him to insist on this space as his record/music space to share with his Daddy and he would ask me to leave; sometimes quite brutally.  Of course I would respect this and leave the two of them to share their special music time together.  When my Husband would insist that I stay with them I would notice that Pixel at times became distressed by trying to compete with me for his Father’s full attention.  Clearly this time was special and it was best that I removed myself so that Pixel could dominate his Daddy for those special moments.  These moments also expanded to our downstairs computer to watch clips of bands on Youtube.

From The Beatles to Bowie as firm favourites our Pixel slowly began to broaden his taste to eventually become obsessed by The Buzzcocks.  Pixel called them the Buzzcops and so they became named in our household.  He became recharged over his little drum set that “Nikolas” had sent to him on the 5 December the year before (it was actually his Opie who sent it).   So enthusiastic was he, that he broke his sticks.  Of course his Daddy scoured music shops to get him new ones but unlike his little plastic ones, these were solid wood.  Soon bits of the little drum kit began to fly around the house as the sticks were thudded down with all his little might.  We resolved to get him a new drum kit that was for older children so that it could stand up to the Buzzcops mania that our son was experiencing. 

From giving Beatle bows, he would give a short sharp “Buzzcop” bow that the drummer did after a gig; he also insisted on wearing his leather jacket in 30 degree heat.

Perhaps he began to channel my husband and my old personas……

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