Friday, 8 June 2012

To PVC or Not to PVC that is the question Horatio ?

Well it has been three years and today, I actually put on one of my PVC pair of trousers.
It came about all of a sudden and was totally uncontrived.  I was cold, we live on a mountain, I needed to wear trousers, jeans create muffin tops and I wanted dignity and warmth that stockings would not provide.  Suddenly, there they were right before me – why hadn’t I worn them before now?  The black, PVC trousers!  Now I don’t care what anyone else tells you, having a baby changes ones figure for good.  The reason why these trousers were so appealing all of a sudden was exactly why they were slightly daggy when I used to have my figure; they had a stretchy panel!

Huzzah!  I could look cool, Goth and be warm and comfortable all at the same time. 

The phrase, “how the mighty have fallen” rattled around my head for a short while but hey, after three years of being a Mum and needing to wear trousers under my dresses due to crawling on the floor with my child (often in public), I thought I would cut myself some slack.

Yeah, it worked.  So I say, manufacturers, why don’t you just make more PVC clothing with stretchy panels for us old Goths to keep up the dream?

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  1. Pixel said to me today, "I love Mummie's sticky pants." I think he was very pleased that he could wipe his sticky hands on my knees after eating and that I could clean it off fuss free. PVC great for toddlers!