Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nicky Knackie Knackers!

We often go to the Red Star Café and it is a bit of a ritual.  It is near to Pixel’s kinder and whilst he is at Kinder, I would sit at the café and study, study, study.  Pixel was aware that I would go there and would ask for chinos too.  I sometimes would get a take away for him which he would polish off at the end of kinder or we would go there after Kinder together for a treat.  He loves those biscuits in the jars that are placed temptingly at the front of the counter like at most cafes and one biscuit is almost as big as his head.

One day Pixel and I met his Aunt (of the broken leg infamy) and his Nanna for lunch.   It is a great café for boys as it has rockets, stars, planets, a giant train and a uni-motor bike as decorations.  There are also a lot of small things to look at.  Beside our table was a tiny cupboard with knick knacks in it.  I made the mistake of saying knicky knackie noo.

Pixel thought this was great and stood by the door yelling out knicky knackie noos at the top of his voice at the Red Star.  Most people at the café thankfully were charmed.  I suppose nowadays people are just happy that a kid isn’t swearing.  Pixel came back and then pointed out that the little cupboard behind us was empty.  He decided to call it knicky knacky nothing!  All fun at the café. 

Yet here’s how these little nothing moments of charm leap up and bite you later.  The next day, his Dad warned Pixel to be careful of his knackers as he was carelessly leaping into his trousers, to which Pixel replied without missing a beat, “Knickie Knackie Knackers!”

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  1. Priceless, very entertaining for Sunday morning!